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MCT is different from other associations or foundations. Due to the indication of Thailand Civil and Commercial Code that to form an association or a foundation, must not for profit division. As a result MCT had to form as a Limited Company and seek for suitable method of royalty distribution to MCT’s member.
There are two repertoires for Public Performance rights.

1. International repertoire: MCT has been signing the Reciprocal Agreement with almost 40 societies for composers & authors that cover 90 countries around the world now, which shows capacity to protect nearly 100 percent of the international repertoire.

2. Local repertoire: MCT is now having 397 local members, protecting more than 20,000 songs from general members and over 30,000 songs from strategic partners.

  • MCT: A member of CISAC and represents for Public Performance rights in musical work created by composers & authors, both local and international repertoires.
  • Phonorights: A member of IFPI (The International Federation of Phonographic Industry) and represents for Sound Recording work right over 10,000 record labels.
  • MPC (MCT-Phonorights Company Limited): Formed in 2003 as a licensing company by MCT and Phonorights, to license Public Performance rights and distribute royalty to both organizations under work right. Royalty from Musical work right goes to MCT and sound recording right goes to Phonorights.

No. The process of royalty collection and distribution of MCT must be transparency and verifiable. After deducting fee, MCT will distribute royalty to member according to song usage report. This operation result.

1. MCT to be the only composers & authors society in Thailand that is accepted as a member of CISAC that can have the Reciprocal Agreement with other sister societies abroad, however, must deliver the Performance Report annually to CISAC.

2. MCT to provide the Annual Report to members and DIP yearly.

Measuring royalty from the establishment might not accurate, except from the concerts. What MCT does is using Random Sample, for example, sampling from the radio station. The report will show approximate to the real usage. However, MCT has recently been using BMAT (Barcelona Music & Audio Technologies), a music monitoring system from Spain, which is able to provide MCT better quality of usage report from radio stations and TV stations.

With almost 400 members, MCT would like to express our appreciation to members’ trustworthiness in our performance by delivering best protection to your intellectual property in return.

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