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1. Member Privileges

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year offering our member to meet up, discuss, share or express their opinions toward society management and to inform our member about.

  • MCT’s expenditure in details
  • Distribution process and protocol

Key concepts of Collective Management Organization are not only must be transparent but must also allow member to participate in managing society, for instance, Board of Director’s Election. The election occurs every two years and consists of nine members.

  • Three persons from Composer name listed
  • Three persons from Author name listed
  • And three persons from Music Publisher name listed

Due to the fact that MCT is the only one composers & authors’ society in Thailand who is accepted to be member of CISAC, which allow MCT to connect with other sister societies worldwide and collect our members’ royalty. Furthermore MCT database is link with MIS@ASIA system (Music Information System@Asia), it’s a central

database of composers’ information so that collecting in oversea is more comfortable. Until now, MCT has been coordinating with many societies for royalty licensing, for example.

  • Opening and closing theme song in 13th Asian Games held in Thailand
  • Thai music in the international airline
  • Radio Station in Canada with SODRAC
  • Karaoke store in Singapore with COMPASS
  • Synchronization right in movie public oversea

Even though the international practice indicates that right protection happens immediately when the work is created, however the creator must also prove himself with some evident. This is the reason why Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) brought up the policy to support work creation and funding transformation from intellectual property. For the members, MCT is willing to handle the copyright registration to DIP, just provide MCT the musical work information. As a result, DIP will issue the certificate of copyright registration to composer within a month after the procession.

According to MCT’s connection with many composers & authors’ societies worldwide, give the privileges to contact and coordinate with various countries in term of copyright protection law. For instances, MCT did negotiation deal with MTV who was requesting to synchronize the work of MCT’s member in their channel. Moreover one of our member was once desired to produce and distribute CD album in Italy, so MCT coordinated with SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) for the accomplishment. On top of that, MCT also advised about the copyright protection practice in U.S.A to our member who was negotiating with publisher in U.S.A

2. Other services

Over the 20 years of experiences, MCT has noticed several issues of Thai composers & authors in Thai music industry. Nevertheless the current movement is that many involvers in this industry, including public user and establishment appear to be more devoted in music copyright. This positivity, therefore, aware MCT the importance of impartially and social advantage as well as educating the copyright law to composer and every parties involved in music industry. Consequently MCT to organize, participate, and acknowledge as follows

  • Seminar with the senators under the topic of “Music Copyright and Royalty Collection”
  • MCT collaborated with CISAC and DIP invited representative from 10 countries to join the “Direction of Collecting Management Organizations (CMOs)” seminar
  • MCT collaborated with CISAC and WIPO organized “WIPO-CISAC REGIONAL COLLOQUIUM FOR THE JUDICIARY ON COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS” for The Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court (CIPITC).
  • Music copyright presentation to university students at Rangsit University
  • Music copyright presentation at SAE Open House 2: Indie Musician Seminar at SAE Institute Bangkok

Musical work information is very important for a user who needs to reproduce, adapt or duplicate the work. What MCT can do is the ability to access musical work information, not just from MCT’s database but also from sister societies in order to deliver an accurate copyright’s detail to the user.

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