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Live Performance

(Use 100% International Song)

Code Type Royalty Minimum Guarantee
Sign Contract No Contract
CO 01 Live Concert (Size XL) 2.5 % of gross ticket sales 3.5% of gross ticket sales 100,000 Baht/show/day
CO 02 Live Concert (Size L) 50,000 Baht/show/day
CO 03 Live Concert (Size M) 20,000 Baht/show/day
CO 04 Live Concert (Size S) 10,000 Baht/show/day
CO 05 Classical Live Concert 2% of Gross ticket sales 10,000 Baht/show/day
CO 06 Mini Show - 10,000/Show (Not exceed 20 songs)
LP 01 Not for promoting Services/Products - 5,000 – 25,000 Baht/show/day

“Live Concert” means a musical performance given to the public where the music/artist is the primary focus of the event.

“Mini show” means a type of live concert in a small place ex. Pub, bar, halls.

“Gross Ticket Sales” means money receive from selling tickets only.


1. Unless indicated otherwise, all terms are subjected to 1year period.

2. The Licensee shall provide MCT Statements of Gross Revenue and Performance Statement for license fees calculation.

3. Different rate may be applied to some musical works.

4. All of the above tariff does not include any other rights that are not expressly stated. This requires a separate license.

5. Vat 7% is excluded

6. For the other types of uses or any usage that exceeded the number shown, please contact MCT licensing department at license@mct.in.th

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