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Non – Commercial Purpose

Usage of Musical Works for Charity / Education / Government use or any other events that may be considered as exceptions

Code Type of Usage Discount Remarks
NC 01 For Charity Event (with all revenue going towards charity or cause) License Fees Waived
(upon decision of each copyright owner.)
  • Must present relevant documentation for the event
  • MCT reserves the right to offer a suitable discount rate for Charity events
For the Purpose of/ Related to Education (No revenue from using music)
NC 02 For Charity Event (with part of revenue going towards charity or cause) 25 - 75%


1. Unless indicated otherwise, all terms are subjected to 1year period.

2. The Licensee shall provide MCT Statements of Gross Revenue and Performance Statement for license fees calculation.

3. Different rate may be applied to some musical works.

4. All of the above tariff does not include any other rights that are not expressly stated. This requires a separate license.

5. Vat 7% is excluded

6. For the other types of uses or any usage that exceeded the number shown, please contact MCT licensing department at license@mct.in.th

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